How to remove Project name mandatory

Hi there.
I have customized our Erpnext instance, but I have blocked the change of the Projects name field mandatory settings.

Is there any way to remove the mandatory need in the Project app?

I want to add a naming_series and project_type as mandatory in Project.

I have tried to customize but still have no luck.

Please let me know how to do that.
Thank you.



Have you tried to uncheck Mandatory option from Project DocType?


Hey Gary…I believe you are not in developer mode (which is the reason you´re finding blocked fields).

Refer to this for details.

Hi there,

#chabito79 So I’we got developer mode on. I develop applications so it must be always enebled. I know it.

The solution to remove the mandatory direct in the DocType is not the best solution, when I update erpnext this will be overwriten and this is not good.

I have removed the mandatory check in Form Customization but still no luck.

Is there any way to remove Project mandatory based on Project Type selection?

@garybsimon By default Project name is set as a Auto Naming Series,
that is why it is mandatory field, if you want to remove it to be as mandatory you’ll have change the Auto Naming Series from project_name to another field or self given value.