How to remove row of child table using script?


I want to know how i can remove the row of the child table by giving any condition in server script?
for example if item_name doesnt present in item list and we are uploading at opportunity using csv how we can remove those rows of items using server script?

Why complicate things unnecessarily? You can simply view everything in Excel/CSV directly. If there’s no item name, just delete that row from Excel/CSV, and your issue will be resolved. There’s no requirement for a server script for such a task.

@NCP BTW this is requirement…if that item not in item list and i am adding to opportunity using upload csv then it is taking directly without any error is it correct ???..client dont know what items are there what not then??? for that i wan to remove that row automatically by saying this item not present…its not only about item present or absent there might be another scenarios where items are customer specific… and you wanted to remove items which are not available for any customer…then???

Please check it.


I provided the sample, now you can set it according to the scenario.

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@NCP Ok thank you