How to remove standard field from Help Category list

Hi, our website has a help category section that contains help articles. On this list there is a column that indicates the level and another with the date.

How can I remove these?

Hi @johann,

Please check it

You can set it according to scenario.


Otherwise check the documentation.

More details for checking it.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

Hi, thank you for your response. We already have it removed from our List View on the Desk side as shown in your example.

Listview Help Article

We however still cannot seem to remove it on the Website side as shown in my previous response. Even when bringing back the level and then removing it again, the Website list stays entirely unchanged.

Thank you again.

Just an update on this I have removed it from appearing on the website by editing the the html in the files.

Here I removed it from the help article list.

Here I removed it from the help article itself.

Both files can be found here:

Kind regards