How to remove the customer name form the header of print doc and custom the footer

i want to remove this url form the footer

and this title of the customer name

i build new print format

like this

Hi @manal_erpnext,

Please go to the More setting option and uncheck the Headers and Footers.

i know this way
but i want to print the date and the page number

i want to custom not remove it all this is the first thing

also its difficult to do this way in all the user of system one by one when they print

I have answered as per the image and questions you have asked. Now you say how the page number will come in print preview, I don’t know if it is difficult to bring the page number in print preview but the page number comes automatically in PDF.

Now next time whenever you make a topic keep sharing what you want with full details and full screenshot so that community users can answer it in a way without further conversation. Because you have raised topics with few details and it takes more time to solve the problem.

@NCP I am sorry if you did not understand my topic I wrote that
“How to remove the customer name form the header of print doc and custom the footer”
“custom the footer” means “edit the footer”

if I do it your way it will remove the page number too and that is not the right way
and I do not want to print as pdf and then print the pdf in printer I this what you mean?

Okay thanks for your advice I will try to use it in a new topic and by the way, the community users will ask for more details if they want to help

Print Preview:

PDF view:

Hope you understand.

Print Preview:

PDF view:

the page number does not appear
i want to display it in the printer paper

If “Repeat Header and Footer” is enabled then the page number will show in PDF.

its checked but does not appear
i think the reason is that the doc has one page

No, I also tried with a single page, so the page number is coming!

I think, wkhtmltopdf version issue.

how could i check this?
in my browser or server or in framework?

please install the correct / latest version of wkhtmltopdf with qt patched

Install in Windows? where the system is run


No idea about in window side.

i check in the ubuntu and it was installed as you see