How to remove warning for same item added multiple time on add order page?

Hi There,

In our ERPNext implementation we have defined item specific to each department. For IT department the item is called IT-Expense. All our POs for IT department are created against this item only. We create a PO with multiple line items and each line item has “IT-Expense” as item. But the description for each of this line item is different. See below screen shot where we have two line items for “IT-Expense” item but both has different description (i.e. printer vs. paper). Whenever we save or submit Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt or Purchase Invoice we keep getting warning message about same item added multiple time. Is there any way to remove this? This warning was not there in older version ERPNext. Thanks.


Go to Buying > Setup > Buying Settings and check “Allow Item to be added multiple times in a transaction”



Thanks very much Anand.

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