How to Rename 'Default Payment Term - N30' in v10

Using v10 with the new multi layered payment terms and payment terms templates. they are really impressive a great piece of work :wink:

Note - the default terms as defined out of the box are written as :-

  • Default Payment Term - N30
  • Default Payment Term - N0 etc

This is the wording that shows on my Quotation template. But I wish to just say ‘Net 30 days’ or ‘Net 45 days’ or ‘Proforma Invoice’ effectively for a N0 for my terms.

Normally you can just click on an item name and rename it to what you require but in this case it seems to be impossible to edit the default wording of ‘Default Payment Term - N30’, thus it appears I will have to create a new Payment Terms Template just to change the wording slightly.

Surely, this isn’t the case ? @tundebabzy Can you help me please ?

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Payment Term template is renamable. No?

Hi Umair

For me the Payment Term template isn’t renamable. But we are using ERPNext currently to generate Quotes from Opportunities and to log Sales Orders. I may not be seeing the ‘Rename’ option as I have not set -up or looked at permissions for Accounts as yet as we are not really using this so far.

I presume Payment Terms comes under Accounts Users rather than Sales Users or Sales Manager users though ?


I presume this was a bug according to here ([fix] enable rename for payment terms and payment term template · frappe/erpnext@6cc1010 · GitHub)

[fix] enable rename for payment terms and payment term template

This change has been fixed and merged.

Please upgrade your ERPNext account and then check again.

Yes I can now rename these fine. Many thanks for the swift fix.