How to rename the name and columns of a module when there is data created

Hi everyone

Currently I have data created with an app I installed. Is it possible to rename this app (the directory name) and some columns of it? For example, the name of app is “one_app” and the columns are: “column1”, “column2”, “column3”. I want to change them to: “another_app” and “columnA”, “columnB”, “columnC”. In some of columns the is data referenced to another database table.

Seems like there is some kind of patching system in ERP because when I run “bench update” in console I see all is done in an automatic way:

"applying patch to “name_of_column”

I see for example too:

“…renaming col1 to col2”

How is done when you want to change the name of a module and columns in a core app (the name of dir too)?

I tried to change it manually, but then, when it is started the server with “bench start” or in production, it launches an error about there is not the old module name.

Thanks a lot in advanced

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