How to reopen an Expired Quotation

1.) I made a Lead quotation with a valid date for next week.
2.) One day after the valid date the customer confirmed the quotation, thats great! but…

I can not make a SO for this quotation also a “get items from” is not possible because it is labeled with Expired. (because of the valid date)

So my question is how can i reopen or convert the quotation to an SO or Sales Invoce? Shouldn’t it be a normal workflow that a customer is confirming an quotation sometimes after the expected Valid date?

Well, assuming the Quotation is Submitted - one option is to Cancel the expired one, then Amend reissue one with the Valid To date to current and Submit that?

This is just an idea and may not be the recommended ERPNext or business approach one might take…

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This is a major problem for me too. My clients often accept ofters way after the valid date, which is okay in most cases. I just don’t like to create a new quotation in this case. Is there a workaround or do you intend to change this behaviour? I find it quite patronising.

Positive: When i think again, amend and reissue makes the workflow more tranceable for other users in the company.

But wait…
Amend & Reissue a new quotation comes up with a new Number like 00000-1. Dont know if this is negative or positive :slight_smile: It could also be confusing for the Customer, because you changed the Number but its the same deal, isnt it? because he does not know that your system is making a nice +1 to the quotation number, for just reopening.

In some cases it stops the workflow because (when u use creditlimit-days for this customer) it comes up a failure message that you can not enter a new date because of the customer credit limit days from the original quotation. So you have to change/expand also the credit limit days in the customers settings to fulfill the new Quotation - that is very time consuming :frowning:

for seeking a solution
A: a checkbox in (costumer) settings like:
Allow to reopen/continue expired Quotations, without changing the quotation number.

B: Just make the Amend reissue more user friendly like - give the failure message a field or link to change the credit days limit faster so it does not take so long to reopen the Quotation.

Just want to say, solution B would be ok - for me - and maybe not very hard to hook up!

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Is there a solution for this? this is a very common scenario ERPNext should take care of.

I am facing the same problem… my customer approved quotation after the validity period. Normally customers proceeds this way. Even if I set validity for 1 month, it is very common customers send the purchase order after more than 30 days.

I hope there is a solution without creating a new quotation, which generates a new quotation number.


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I just read this post and hoped there was some solution feedback in it :slight_smile:

This would be an awesome improvement for our sales flow.
Especially the ability to reopen an expired quotation would be really helpful.

And in terms of tractability and workflow, it would be perfectly fine if there was a mentioning of the reopening in the comments section bellow.

Just to mention, most of the time we do not instantly submit Quotations. We send them out to service orientated partners/customers, they give us nice feedback what they like and what they don’t. Then we do some customization (when it is not already expired = problem :-/ ) then its finished and we submit it. So there should be also a way to open the expired Quotation while it is not Submitted. Don’t know if this is already possible in a newer Version. (I am on V9)

It’s the same pretty much for us as well. We put a deadline of 3 months however we won’t say no if they come later. It’s just a measure to make them accept faster and a reminder for us to give them a phone call :slight_smile:

In this case we would like to reopen the quotations instead of creating a new one because it causes a cycle of just trying to explain this simple thing to them. Especially if you have amended the quotation 2-3 times already based on their observations.

So far I’m just reopening via the database but that’s not really helpful.

  1. I think the Cancel & Amend process is exactly fine for that. The amended Quotation has a reference to the original Quotation, so it is transparent on the hole. Also you have a good record that the offer was accepted after the initial valid date
  2. if anybody still wants to be more flexibel (which I do not think brings any value to your business processes generally) you can send out the draft (saved, not yet submitted) Quotation as a first step.

I strongly believe there is much more value to adopt to the standard ERPNext workflow which represents a good business practice over trying to tweak the system to cater to less ideal business practices.

I could however imagine the following workflow for expired Quotations

  1. Submit Quotation
  2. Validity date of Quotation passes
  3. use Make Sales Order off, or Get items from that expired Quotation
  4. ERPNext displays a warning message like “The Quotation is expired on dd/mm/yyy. Do you still want to create a Sales Order from it?”
  5. Upon clicking yes the Quotation automatically is Canceled/Amended with a new expiry date. & the Sales Order is created

This would streamline the process

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@vrms I think you have pointed at the right direction. Sometimes customer makes purchase order referencing quotation number. Amend and resubmit adds an extra digit which customer may not like.

I think customers just need to get used to that part.
QT-2019-00001-1 has sufficient reference to it’s original document QT-2019-00001 to be understood by anyone in my eyes.

Nevertheless using the DRAFT (saved, not submitted) & Submitted version of a Quotation is fine just as well I believe. You can not create the urge of 'expiry date` in such a setting though. But it seems in our present example this does not work anyway.

Keeping it as a draft is not an option for us because we use it for other purposes. For non-finalized requirements etc etc it’s not useful to amend the quotation 30 times before submitting the final for a sales order.

I would be happy if I could create a sales order against an expired quotation to be honest without any further action because currently I just edit the date in DB and do the same thing.

I guess it is kind of the idea of an ERP System to being able to trace how (i.e.) a Quotation has evolved.

Also I think it’s generally beneficial to consider whether it is possible to adjust existing habits to the default behavior of your ERP system rather then the other way around (unless you have very good reasons for personalized practices).

I see the extra digit as Version number. First I felt uncomftable because I didn’t want to keep all that “trash” in the system, but now I get the great trazability it gives.

I think that if one sends the quotation in the email as “Quotation Version X” makes perfect sense to our customer.

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Adjust the form so that instead of a dash, you get Rev.
Your customer, rather than getting QT-2019-00001-1 would get QT-2019-00001-Rev.1