How to reset naming series in frappe v13

Hi there,
I am working on frappe and unable to find a naming series tool in that. Can anyone help how i can reset a naming series to 0?


You can manually reset the naming series by an SQL command. You can access it through bench mariadb and then update the specific row under the table named, tabSeries.

You can also write a Python script and use a frappe.db.sql command.



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Thanks for your help @iRaySpace . But I found another better way.
It is to use Document Naming Series doctype in Frappe V13.x . I’ve found it very helpful.

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Can you share the steps please ?!

can you explain it please?

For those asking, search for Document Naming Settings in the awesome bar, then you can use Update Series Counter to reset it, or force it to start after a given number.