How to resolve setup error

first we have installed the frappe the we have done setup(works fine) after this while installing erpnext i got an error like " we "
after executing these commands

  1. bench reinstall sitename
  2. bench reinstall
    after these steps While I am setting up the bench. I am getting the popup messages like below

    please help how to reslove this

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Which version of frappe/ERPNext you are using?

version 10

Are you selecting all domains, while completing setup wizard?

I am not selecting all the domains

If your ready to erase your db, then run bench --site sitename --force reinstall and then run bench get-app erpnext && bench --site sitename install-app erpnext

Edit: It seems like you somehow installed two versions of frappe on the same site, hence the errors. you might need to delete the install and start all over again.