How to resolve this error in bench migrate

Getting this error, when i run the bench migrate command on my Live server
i have a custom Job Application

here i got error, the form which i was customizing got updated also, with the error existing
but how to resolve this

@NCP bro please help, its a live server, sorry for tagging

@Rajat96318 well something is wrong with your datetime field . did you somehow changed the type from date to datetime ?

@bahaou , no their is no datetime field, i changed some field from data to date, and other changes, the problem is on UAT server their was no issue which i pushed 2 days back, but when today i pushed on live it throws this error

@Rajat96318 do you know where that date is ? you only need to change it or remove it

It looks like this is what happened:

  1. You had a field of type “Data” (free text), which among others, contained the value “1/4/2024”.
  2. You changed the field type to “Date”.
  3. Now the software complains that your database contains values that do not fit the column’s data type (“1/4/2024” is not a valid date value)

You need to either remove all invalid values or write a migration script that converts the invalid values to valid ones.

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@rmeyer i think this is the problem, let me do the changes

@rmeyer , thank you man, you saved me, the felling of doing something wrong on Live server is worst