How to resolve this error while updating latest version using vmware ubuntu?

Hi @Carlo_Benitez1 ,
Try bench update --reset if you have already pulled the latest changes using git pull and still facing this error.

hi ms.@shreya115 there some error again :frowning:

Could you run this and post the output?
./env/bin/pip install -r ./apps/frappe/requirements.txt

there is the error ms.@shreya115

After running this, post the entire traceback, not just the error.


For internal server error see the log at

how @krnkris? please elaborate clearly …thank you so much


Before do a backup!

For me it solved the problem:

cd frappe-bench

cd apps/frappe
git reset --hard
cd -
cd apps/erpnext
git reset --hard
cd -
bench switch-to-master


cd frappe-bench
bench update

hope it helps

please check this,
I’ve done what you said sir @krnkris …thank you

Can you paste the output in text format here, screenshots sometimes may leave the important bits.

Also what is your python version?


Please let us know what is your host OS?

The softer you use for virtualisation ?

We do need a full log

@krnkris…thank you



I use Linux host + VIRTUALBOX

I have no clue how works the VMVare under Windows, but seem you have permission problem and it cause all problem not letting you install the requirements as from your first posts.

You should digging deeper to get details about VMVare product.

As long as your VMware is setup correctly installing ERPNext inside a VM should work fine. Obviously you do not have all the requirements some how. VMWare is quite similar to Virtualbox in my experience.

You could also try bench setup requirements

Which will download any additional libraries from pip that you may be needing with a new major version