How to restore backup step by step?

please because i tried every command and nothing happened

  1. cd frappe-bench/sites/sitename/private/backups
  2. extraxt backup file
  • 20151005_99442465_database.sql.gz => 20151005_99442465_database.sql
  1. go back to frappe-bench
  2. bench restore path_to_sql_file

what is my root sql password because i have error

Hi mahmoud,

There is no way anyone can know your root password. The very nature of password is secrecy. If you created your erpnext via “.sh” file then you can find your password under your filesystem.

and how to find this file

You will get or frappe_password.txt under home direcotory.

if file not exists or password from file wont work then you can reset mysql root password by followiing steps:

i do this steps
1- get bck up with : bench backup --with-files in 1st server
2- download bck up from module in program that named download bck up
3- i upload bckup file in 2nd server in “some_path” and i install erpnext on 2nd server
4- in 2nd server terminal go to frappe_bench path
5- do this command : bench restore “some_path”
6-in root pass i enter the code that was in 1st server frappe_password.txt
but i get this error :
_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1045, “Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)”)
and also i this steps and in step 6 i enter the code that was in 2nd server frappe_password.txt
i didnt get any error but nothing happend
if it is usefull i can send you the command that shows in terminal
please help me

Hi Saurabh, is it possible to share anyvideo with that steps please.
my dificault is to attach de file. i am using VM, and i install the Erpnext on It. so i didn´t succid on restoring my back UP.

You will need to place the sql file inside the VM instance.

Perhaps setting up a shared folder will be helpful: