How to restore backups in virtualbox - urgent

We have installed installed erpnext in virtualbox.

But we could not restore backups. Kindly provide step-by-step procedure to restore the backup sql file.

We tried “bench restore SQL-File”, but could not restore. So kindly help.

bench --force --site site2 restore ~/path/filename.sql 

should work

Path means location of sql file in local machine? Or we have to create a site & save file in some location? If so, then pls guide me to create site and how to access that site.

@Ram_Gopal_Rao path means location of sql file in virtual box erpnext server(i.e guest operating system).

You need to transfer sql file into virtual box using ssh or ftp or(any other method)

Pls guide me, how to change the ip address of virtualbox vm, as it is in series which is not accessible by our system.

@Ram_Gopal_Rao you can forward port 22 of virtual box to external 2333 port, and access virtual machine file using localhost and port 2333