How to restrict item price edit for certain users in Sales Invoice?

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I would like to restrict certain users from making in changes to prices in the sales invoices. The prices are auto-populated depending upon Price List selected.

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You can assign a particular role to a User in your User List and restrict that User by giving only “Read” permission to the User in Role Permission Manager or you can keep the Price field as Read only in the Doctype.

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Request you to clarify which Doctype are you suggesting in the Role Permission Manager to set the status to Read. Is it Item Price, Price List or any other?

Select the Role of User in place of Accounts Manager

In sales invoice item doctype, make rate fields permission to level 1. Assign that specific user as sales user who have 0 level permission from role permission manager.

@Mitali_Deshpande if you make the field read only no one can’t change the rate from invoice. Or after making read only, you need to add custom script for make it editable for other users.



In sales invoice item doctype, I am not able to edit anything rate fields permission as you suggested. As of now the level indicated their is 1. How can I change the same?

Am I not able to edit because I’m using ERPNext Cloud, where admin rights are reserved with ERPNext team?

First go to customize form, then select sales invoice item. open rate field, set permission 1. Then go to role permission manager and set the use (whom you want to give less permission) as sales user with permission 0 and sales manager with permission 1.

You can use permission level 1,2,3 for higher permission.


I I liked your answer and it was correct

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