How to restrict user access to a particular product group

We need restrict the access of certain users of the system to an specific group of products.
This way, our sellers can see if the product is in stock and a description.
Only see the products of the Group Type “Used” and not “Raw Materials”, “Consumables”, etc.
Thanks in advance…


You can use the User Restriction to restrict the user to the particular document.

e.g. For Customer Group you can restrict sales user to Non Profit group

You will need to set the Apply User Permission

then, you will need to restrict the Non Profit customer group to user using User Permission

Thanks makarand_b.
I can’t do it.
We only need that our sellers can see the “Used” product group.
I tried giving permissions to this group but when seller log in Stock he see ALL groups!
May be I don’t do it something, I’m new in ERPNExt.