How to restrict user from clicking a link on portal's sidebar based on roles

I would like to like show a link on sidebar of portal only for user who have role as student

for example

when got to link localhost:8000/me and i am signed in as administrator i can see a lots of
link on sidebar including my custom link feedback

which points to the web form that i created for
feedback functionality. but i want to show it only to the user who have roles as student

thank you

You can set Role in Portal Settings:


thanks for answering

i created a role in custom sidebar but it did’t work. i can click on the link and even fill and save the form
as administrator

but table above custom side bar menu

i can’t add new item

Administrator can access everything and they are not filtered by Roles.

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@netchampfaris thanks it was the reason that everything show in sidebar for administrator

but when i created new user as purchase user custom link was not shown in side bar

but it shows in students

thanks for your time