How to retrieve my backup files from corrupted erpnext in Oracle Virtual box running on Windows

I can see the backup files in oracle virtual machine’s command prompt. The ERPNext is corrupted and despite thousands of efforts I could not connect to filezila. I will be very very thankful if someone help me to retrieve the backup files from the OVM to my pc so that I should restore them to my new ERPNext hosted on Google Cloud. Thanks in advance.
I just need to access my backup files from the OVM running on windowsto windows pc folder.


You can use the scp command from the VM’s command prompt as follows

$ scp -r username@from_host_ip:/path/to/your/backup/folder *. * /path/c/Users/username/Desktop 

Note that I am using wildcard at the end of the backup folder so you can grab all files in the backup folder

Hope this helps


3I don’t understand

I am naive so please help me.

I am enclosing screenshot of my VM’s path (~/frappe-bench/sites/erpnext.vm) to the site, can you make the complete path for me?

Path to my backup folder is:

I will be thankful. @saidsl

Someone please help its URGENT


  1. you need to access the VM from your PC’s terminal otherwise you will not be able to copy the files on the VM
  2. To access the files you whether its via the terminal or via Filezilla, you need to know your VM IP address you can do so by typing ifconfig in your vm terminal and you should get something like this:
ether f4:0f:24:1a:d7:15 
inet6 fe80::1403:e385:fc5b:1ed8%en0 prefixlen 64 secured scopeid 0x4 
inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
nd6 options=201<PERFORMNUD,DAD>
media: autoselect
status: active
  1. Use the inet IP number to access your vm from your PC’s terminal using ssh frappe@YOUR-VM-IP
  2. You can also use the same ip number to access the VM using FileZilla where the Host is your VM IP number and your login details is the frappe account.
  3. Please NOTE to be able to get the IP number of your VM, you need to set the network setting in the VM Manager as Bridged and not NAT, then select your wifi or ethernet connection when it shows in the select box. You can find more information at this link.

Hope this helps


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my inet ip address is

When I type this it says site can not be found

if I type then
it says "refused connection"4

If that is the ip number showing than your Network settings are not correct, you need to change the settings from NAT to Bridged.

Please read and follow the instructions on the links that I have given you.

You will not be able to do anything until you get the right IP which should be in the form of 10.0.xx.xx or 192.168.xx.xx

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It’s bridged not NAT5

Ok now start your VM and in the terminal type ifconfg you should get the address as I mentioned above, but not the since thats on the local IP address

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Was the setting always on bridged or did you just change while the VM was running

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It was always on bridged

That’s wierd cause you should be getting another IP address for eth0 which version of Ubuntu are you running?

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It’s 14.04.4 LTS @saidsl

I can see the settings for Bridged mode but there is nothing I can see like en1 and en0 for wifi and ethernet

Reboot your VM and notice what appears on screen as it goes through a long list of things, pay attention to what it says when it gets to the Network Part. It seems your VM is not recognising the network setup on your host

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OK. I am rebooting

It says “waiting for 60 more seconds for network configuration”

Then it says “Booting system without full network configuration”

I can only login with Login ID: frappe
Password: frappe

I can not login with Login ID: Administrator
password: admin


Ok, that means that there is an issue with how your network is setup on your PC.

I noticed that you are using a wireless network so my suggestion since I don’t know how your network is setup is do the following and I know its a pain :slight_smile: but best try all option first

  1. Reboot your router
  2. Reboot your PC
  3. Run VM again
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OK. I am doing so. BUT
When I rebooted my VM

It said “booting up without full network” @saidsl

When your VM starts up again please notice what the network part says

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