How to return stock entry?

How can i remove Products(Finished Goods)Warehouse to Raw Material(Stores) Warehouse ?

Hi @eitadmin ! Your question is quite vague. What do you mean by remove? Are your referring a transfer of stocks from your FG warehouse to Raw Mats Warehouse? And is this products from FG Warehouse just done Manufacturing procedure? Thanks!

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-If you want to remove product from warehouse use “material issue” on Stock entry form
-If you want to transfer products from one warehouse to another use purpose as “material transfer” on Stock entry form.
-use Debit Note ,Credit Note for return

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Sorry, I would like to need clear steps because our products creation (stock entry steps are below:)
We have two types of Raw Materials like A(Stores) and B(Stores). and am going to associate or join these two Raw Materials then create a device from those devices like Product name is C(Finished Good).

  1. First Goto BOM module, In this BOM form item name: C and Material item code 1st Row A and 2nd Row B and set quantity then save it.
  2. Manufacturing Module: Stock Entry field then select purpose Manufacture and select BOM No. , set quantity and click Get Items. Now set all item with serial numbers.

A having serial no like xyz. and B also having serial no like mnc
For C , manually create by myself like xyz - mnc
(Actual Example: C = A and B)
This is what our real time work. So now how to return product or how to separate A item and B item from C item

Kindly explain the solution or best send video tutorial like above scenario

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Hi shradha, is it possible in erpnext to create disassembly workflow? since our company allows to disassemble the finished goods item once the ordered items are cancelled?

How to disassembly the finished goods item once ordered item cancelled ?

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