How to reuse old Port number?


I have removed two previous installation of ERPNext 13.x.

The first one used the port 8001 and the second one used the port 8002.

I setup a new instance of ERPNext 13.x but this is using the port 8003.

Can I say Bench to use port 8001 when setting up a new instance?


Yogi Yang

Hi @YogiYang,

Please check it.

Thank You!

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To change the port number back to 8001 (or anything), you need to edit a few files:

  1. A file named '../frappe-bench/Procfile' is responsible for the port number, when you run ‘bench start’.
# Procfile
web: bench serve --port 8001

  1. You also should edit '../frappe-bench/sites/common_site_config.json'

 "webserver_port": 8001,



Thanks for the link. It is informative.

As I am running most instances in developer mode I will probably not be using Multitenancy on our local server.

But I just got and idea and thought I will ask it here.

Can we have multiple sites in a developer instance and access both the sites at a time?

Currently what I am doing is using

bench use <site name>

to switch to a site and then

bench start

to access that particular site.


Yogi Yang