How to Revert to v12.2.0 from v12.2.2

How do i roll back v12.2.2 update to v12.2.0. This new update breaks the workaround for Equal Sign in Email Issue and Notifications for Expense Claim Workflow doesn’t work anymore. Re-implementing the workaround fails for every other mail for other workflows or alerts. Any help will be appreciated.

Go to the erpnext app folder and do git checkout v12.2.0, then do the same in the frappe folder and then use bench migrate on your site.


This is the error i got:

octo5@Octo5:~/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe$ git checkout v12.2.0
error: pathspec ‘v12.2.0’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

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Try git remote -v, if it just prints 2 lines, for example two upstreams or two origins then copy the link ( i guess) and do git remote add [upstream or origin, depends on wich is the one that you don't have] [link]. Then do git fetch --all and try the checkout again.

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Wait, frappe does not have the version 12.2.0, wich was the frappe version then? You should do the checkout to the correct frappe version. Probably the v12.0.20


Thank you!!!