How to run ERPNext in a single Dockerfile?

I wanna run ERPNext from a single Dockerfile. I can’t use docker-compose on my service.

Use GitHub - pipech/erpnext-docker-debian: Self-contained ERPNext Docker Image base on Debian or build your own using it.

It is good practice to run one service per container. It helps for debugging, logging, scaling, reusability, upgrades, security etc.
I suggest you to look at these sources:

Best practices for writing Dockerfiles | Docker Documentation

docker - Why it is recommended to run only one process in a container? - DevOps Stack Exchange

frappe/bench image is meant to be used development. It would be near to impossible to develop and debug something on production Docker setup. Frappe framework has quite a lot external dependencies and this image helps to bootstrap local development.

If you want not to worry about Docker and stuff, just use official virtual machine image. pipech’s image is a compromise.

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Use anything that solves your problem.