How to run my dev site from a remote server?

For context, I’m a total beginner at doing the server’s stuff, I’ve never created any public website before, I just run them in localhost. So recently I rented this server and successfully ran frappe on it, in localhost obviously. How can I open my site and access it from the Internet? And I don’t want to run this in production mode, I want it in dev mode.

By default frappe’s development web server runs on Just expose that range to public via firewall config that your server provider might have setup by default.

800X is used for web server and 900x is used for socketio. You can find the actual port numbers in your common_site_config.json. Opening these two ports will make it accessible from anywhere with server’s IP:port

Thanh you very much! It works.

For those who might have the same problem, this is the command I used:
sudo ufw allow 8000 (8000 is the webserver port in the common_site_config.json