How to run Repost Item Valuation faster

i have 11 thousand Repost Item Valuation record from one year i want to run these 11 thousand Repost Item Valuation recored but its very slow like one each 10 minutes

the Repost Item Valuation run on record each time , i can’t think how to make it faster

I think in erpnext you will have to wait
But if you want to fix all transactions in one hour we have our repost valuation in a custom app will help you

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this would save me a lot of time , I had to run it by hand in the background and fix the failure ( it was an item without valuation rate ).

it would be great if you share it or write more about it if it’s a paid app ( maybe some one interested in it )

thank you for replaying

itis a paid app

ممكن حضرتك تبعتلي التفاصيل والسعر ولو حضرتك بتقدم خدمات تانيه ممكن تبعتهالي
شكرا جذيلا

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السلام عليكم ورحمة اله وبركاتة
انا مهتم بالحل دة ممكن تتواصل معاية علي الرقم دة
لمناقشة تفاصيلة و هل يناسبنا

may i know feature and cost for repost item custom app