How to run two Frappe Bench togather in different mode?

I have managed to install Frappe Bench version 5.12.1.

Currently I am able to run ERPNext 13 and ErpNext 14 by creating two separate Bench instances and both are running in Developer Mode.

But I want to run the ERPNext 13 in Production Mode.

How to run two Frappe Bench one in Developer Mode and one in Production Mode?


you can do it by going to erpnext 13 path and run such commands with replacing the user name

1. sudo bench setup sudoers <user_name>
2. sudo bench setup production <user_name>
3. bench setup nginx

this will make it production

and in version 14 run this command

bench --site <sitename> set-config developer_mode 1

this will make it in developer mode
and you can run
bench start

to start this version and work with it

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