How to save Chart of account entries in ERPNEXT (cant save data in General Ledger))

Good morning Sir’s, Im new in usign erpnext and i would like to know how to save data entries in Chart of Accounts especially in general Ledgrer… Thank you and God bless :slight_smile:

The following entries are going to General Ledger:

  1. Journal Vouchers
  2. Sales Invoice
  3. Purchase Invoice
  4. Stock Entries (if you have auto-inventory checked)
  5. Stock Reconciliations (if you have auto-inventory checked)

So if you raise a Sales Invoice for a customer then the system would automatically post a Dr Entry for the Customer’s account which is created automatically when you create a customer.

I hope this gets you started.

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umm thanks for your answer sir… If I may add another question… what is the problem if I cant submit the entry it always says " Incorrect number of General Ledger Entries found. You might have selected a wrong Account in the transaction."

In which document are you getting this message?
This message comes if you debit and credit the same account in the voucher. Can you share a screenshot?

thank you sir nabinhait… I did what you said so the probrlem now is I cant understand how to use accounting module in ERPNext… Is there any site or any PDF’s that we can see to fully understand the entire process on how to use the module in ERPNext

You can check Not Found

are there any other links? or any sample data or demo’s available in the internet?