How to scale the Database | Database Scaling

I had setup the ERPNext-14. as of now its running in single database container. I want to scall with two containers. how to do that. here the documentation I refred. Please give me idea for ERPNext-13 Also

u did it bro ? 2 container frappe ?

The design is not finished I’m working on it.

Can I use MaxScale for scaling the DB. Here I Read some documentation about the DB Scaling


Let the cloud provider manage and scale it as DBaaS Using Frappe with Amazon RDS (or any other DBaaS) · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub

If you are on prem then setup a MariaDB Galera cluster.

Beyond that you can try anything and report back if successful.

I’m not a MariaDB Expert.

Thanks for the document sharing, but the client doesn’t want to use the RDS or some other DBaaS he want to use in the server itself (we hosted our ERPNext project in the local server).

I will update if i can able to scale using Galera or MaxScale.

Thank you