How to schedule regular backups to a cloud storage like Dropbox, which is already available, for OneDrive or Google Drive?

  1. What is the recommended method to schedule daily backups of the complete system?
  2. Is there a simple wizard to set this up for OneDrive or Google Drive?

Database backups can be scheduled from within the system:

Direct upload feature is available for Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3


Does it make sense to schedule a backup every hour?

Thanks for the post, it solved half of my problem. What about Azure Migrate, are you planning to extend ERPNext to this platform? I’m not sure if OneDrive or Google Drive is suitable for small business databases. At least I haven’t heard from colleagues about their experience. My company needs migration strategy for data stored to cloud storage with maximum security. I was advised to use Amazon Web Services and am interested in your company’s policy regarding this option.