How to Schedule Reports over mail as per user permission?

I want to send Role wise reports to all users over email.
Below is the test scenario for the same.

Report for Doc Type


My System let suppose has three users with Role Mapping as below.

User +    Role Name

User1	Role1
User2	Role2
User3	Role3

User permissions:
Doc Type has user permission applied based on Sale Person.

To implement the same we have added custom linked field in Doc type Lead.

Sample Records In Lead DocType


Now In Reports I want user to get reports as per user role permission
user1 should get only Lead-00001,Lead-00004,Lead-00007,Lead-00010 in reports mailed to him
user2 should get only Lead-00002,Lead-00005,Lead-00008,Lead-00011 in reports mailed to him
user3 should get only Lead-00003,Lead-00006,Lead-00009 in reports mailed to him

What I have tried so far:

  1. Created reports
  2. check marked user permission block, so that user will get relevant records only.

Scheduled auto email for reports
added all three users email address there

But I am getting
1. user1 get only lead-0001.
2. user2 get only lead-0002.
3. user3 get only lead-0003.
4. Tried to schedule multiple reports as per records.
5. when schedule same report for user2 it gets error duplicate Auto Email Report with report name.

Please ensure that Sales Person is updated in the Lead 4,5,6,7,8…

Yes, Sales Person is updated in the Lead 4,5,6,7,8…