How to Select Multiple options? This should be a field type

Sometimes we have to multiple options for the same field at forms. I recommend that, it should be included to Field Types.

Use case: I would like to furnish employee information, I just have to select multiple options in “Languages Known” by him. A simple checkbox will not work here, because there is not necessary that he only knows 2 languages, sometimes employees knows many languages and are volatile. Also, there is not necessary that another employee know exactly same defined languages. As per requirement, can be added to language_known doctype.

I’m talking about something like this example mentioned here: But if not listed the language, can add there instant(can be achieved by doctypes). At example, desire is Multiple instead of Standard.

Oh, My question exactly same like we select topics while creating a new one, at discourse platform( as the following screenshot:


Any guidance if this can be achieved directly through GUI or custom script? But, this will only resolve my issue, why we should not add it to existing field types?

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Any updates on this thread?

Discussion are most welcome, might I’m missing feature which already built, if not we can discuss and can be added into roadmap.


You can use a child table if you want to include multiple languages. There is no direct pattern for multi-select.

I’m pushing this old thread, due to relevancy.
I’ve been running into the same issue: Trying to create multiple, but predefined options.
These options are not linked to a doctype and are specified in the “options” field.

Select only lets you choose one option and “check” is just a binary option all together.

Please check new control

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“Table Multiselect” does not seem to exist as an option.
I’m running ERPNext V11


Only from V12

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