How to sell a "combo"/group of products

Im interested in selling a group of items, but they are not a BOM, because i can sell them alone too. And when making the BOM manufacture i get non stock of individual item. Is there a solution for this? There are like 20 products that i sell together just a lot of times, but one or 2 items always change making too many combinations , is because of this why i cant make a BOM because i dont know which combo i will sell until a customers tell me, and is not practical to manufacture 1 by 1 . I just need like a BOM without manufacturing option. So i do the diferents groups combination and im free of selling anyone sharing the stock of the items… I dont know if im explicit.

Take a look at “Product Bundle”. You can create an item code that represents a group of stock items.


Thenks you! it was that!

Glad I could help!

Product bundle is looking for childs in finished products and they are in other warehouse. How do i change the product bundle default warehouse?