How to sell by pcs and square meter

We are Building materials retailer, and we are stuck in one inventory item.
so we buy False Ceiling material in square meters (which includes five different items), i.e 10 sqaure meters contains:

  • 27 pcs Tiles
  • 13 pcs 60cm channel
  • 13 pcs 120cm channel
  • 2 pcs main T channel
  • 2 pcs wall angle

Our issue is that we also need to to sell these items separately, and we don’t know how to do it in the inventory.
We appreciate any help/idea.

You can do that using Product Bundle ?

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Wow, i don’t know I missed that.
Now everything is ok, but i wonder if it is possible to show or print the quantity of child items whenever we choose the bundle item in “sales Invoice” .

False Ceiling Full Set 10 sqm
Tiles 27 Nos
60cm channel 13 Nos
120cm channel 13 Nos
main T channel 2 Nos
wall angle 2 Nos

sure you can.

You can create a custom print format for the Sales Invoice , calling the packed items (use the Packed item Doctype to get the field that you need to call in your code).

You can also edit the Standard print format and include it as well

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Can we use product bundle item in purchase invoices?
we tried to add it as a purchased item in “purchase invoice” but after submitting , the stock level of child items did not change.
is there anyway that could work? or should we enter each child item separately in purchase invoice ?

Product Bundle is just a Master with collection of items used on the Sales Side because this is a bundle you sell to the customer. Its like a virtual item with no stock

Items in Product Bundle can have different supplier. As far as I know its not possible or used in the Purchase side. items have to be individually ordered / purchased from the suppliers

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