How to send emails with attachments?

One of the most important and common CRM-related tasks I have to do in my business is send e-mails with attached documents such as brochure, tech specs, and quotation. Can I do that in ERPnext?

Since you already have a document library, I would like to be able to attach EN-hosted documents and/or local documents on my computer as attachments (not web links). Is this possible?

Also, when sending a quotation, I usually send a brochure PDF as well, but I see no way to do this. So at the present time I must:

  1. Submit quotation
  2. Print quotation
  3. View as PDF
  4. Save PDF to my computer
  5. Leave ERPnext and open my mail client
  6. Compose an email and attach the quotation PDF and other PDFs
  7. Manually make a note in the lead or client notes

Wouldn’t this be simpler?

  1. Send quotation
  2. Use a standard reply template with standard attachments


You can email additional files with transaction details.
Attach file in transaction to be emailed.In the email dialog box, you will see all the files attached. You
just need to check box and file will be email with other transaction

Sagar Shiragawakar.
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hi Sagar,

Where are you finding that option? If I try to send email from the lead or quotation screen, there is no option to email additional files, only “Attach Document Print” which gives me no option of additional files.


Hi Peter
Use The follow step

  1. click on Left Side select Attach File Option in frappe (version 6).
    2.After attach file click on Menu it provide option for email that file will be attached on that mail.

Sagar Shiragawakar.
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you Sagar, that worked.

But there is no way to keeping attachments stored on the server so I can include them as a matter of routine? I must upload manually every time?

I had attached the PDF file (Product Brochure pdf meant to be public) only once.

Now you can use File Manager and upload file only once. It will be located at /files/attached-file.pdf

I have created a “Standard Reply” which has html links for “/files/attached-file.pdf”. I select “Standard Reply” when I email.

This is easy workaround for Sales emails. Nothing confidential to be sent. People can also download the brochures from website.

@revant_one Thank you. But the user has to take the extra step of downloading the PDF, right? I can’t send it as an attachment?

Is there still no way to attach documents to a standard reply?

@JP_Guva There is still no way :frowning:
Please see this thread