How to send reports mail automatically?

Hi Guys ,

Is there a way that I could send a report daily as an email daily ? Like the email digest ?

But it will be my custom report . That has to go daily as an email



Have you checked Email Reports at Regular Intervals
Try it, hope it will help you.


Thanks @Sangram .

I am in v7 . This option could be in v8 I think . Is there a way I could do this in V7 ?

Any help would really be a life saver.


On Which version are you? Check it is available or not. It is available on
If not then pull the latest update - using cmd bench update :smile:
Hope you managed your customization in a seperate app otherwise, it will create conflicts.

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Hi @Sangram . Thanks for continued support. I did lot of customization to the core erpnext app ? Will the update bring any issues ?

Is there a way to update only the Frappe

definitely, conflicts will occur as you changed in default files. [quote=“Muthu, post:5, topic:24830”]
Is there a way to update only the Frappe

There are lots of dependencies, not a good idea to update only single app.

  • Better way you can resolve conflicts after pull (difficult job actually)


  • write your own functionality for sending daily report


  • Do customization using the custom app on a fresh installation.

Thanks for the support @Sangram. How to do this ?

Check functionality of Auto Email Report.

check Frappe Developer Tutorial

Hi , @Sangram . Hope you are doing well. I checked the developer tutorial and referred the auto mail report functionality .

wrote my own functionality for sending daily report just as in the auto mail report in github , I edited the corresponding accordingly . Still auto_mail_report is not appearing in my site .

Did I miss anything ? Should I run bench build , will running bench build create any issues in my customizations ?

Anyone guys ? Any help?


I’m good. Good try .
Can share what you did actually. So, it will be easy to understand. Share your scripts here.


Scripts are the same as listed in github . Should I run bench build ? will running bench build create any issues in my customizations ?


Best option is to clean them up and send contributions or move them to your custom app.

Hi @rmehta @Sangram

can you please suggest to me a solution? I already posted this to the community but unfortunately no response :frowning:

what I need is, to send my script report (contains weekly attendance for individuals) to each employee their attendance report every Saturday via email, please guide me where exactly the customization should be performed?
I’ll be very grateful.

I have replied to your post, well there is no need to tag users as this is a forum and not support platform. User’s reply when they have free time.

Try the solutions I posted, It should work as I do the same for warehouse wise report for each warehouse stock manager.

This is what I have

This is on Version-11 which have a missing feature of dynamic filter though.