How to send statements to customers

I have to send physical and email statements to my customers every month end but with ERPNext I am unable to do so. Anyone please put light on this as it is a very basic requirement. Thanks

Go to Accounts > General Ledger
Under Party Type, select Customer
Under Party select the Customer you want to send your statement to.
The export to pdf and attach to your email client.


Thanks for the reply, I have more than 1000 customers. It’s impossible to create statements customer wise. I need to print all statements together

Mass Statement email/print is not available yet as a feature.
They are working on it though



Is there any solution for this situation now? … I also need to send Ledgers to many clients.

We had to create a custom doctype to do this and it’s a little hacky but works for us for now until ERPNext releases this.

Custom doctype includes a date field that we enter and then the custom child table pulls in all sales invoices for all customers due by that date. We click a button generate statements and it generates a print/pdf for each customer. Definitely not the most elegant of solutions but gets the job done for us.

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Please share files.

Please guide me step by step to achieve this. I would be very thankful to you for this.


yes how to do this guidence required

@johnskywalker actually wrote this custom doctype for us on a paid engagement. I will have to defer to him if he wants to offer suggestions to this thread but it is working quite well for us until ERPNext creates their own way to do this.


Help us please with the docs. Share files please

@rmehta … Please give us feature by which statements to more than one customers can be generated along with Bill Details (Like inventory, tax etc.)

@akash22 to document your request is a good start Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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@akash22 As suggested by @clarkej please create feature request on GitHub. The other community members can contribute via upvoting this request. Closing this thread. Thanks for reaching out! Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile: