How to set an existing doctype into your costum app

I’m new user of erpnext please I want to ask if I can costomizing an existing doctype like supplier and set it into my custom app .
thank you

  1. change to developer mode
  2. go to doctype and open document to change
  3. change module to your custom app module
  4. save

After this, dcument folder will get created under your custom app’s module.

Just as an addition to @sanjay’s comment
You can add custom fields to every doctype.
Check the “export fixtures” feature to export these into your app.
The advantage is that erpnext updates could be easier this way.

Thank you for you replay so witch method is commanded for developer mode?

Thank you for your fast replay

The custom fields method is the preferred method I’d say, because you don’t change the core of erpnext. Also there is plenty help in the community available in how to use custom fields.

Please search for “custom fields” in the forum and you should also find some docs.

The developer mode is a mode where you have more configuration features. When developing you’re app you always want to use the developer mode, so it has nothing to do with your particular problem.

As you’re a new user one advice:
Do not develop your app on a production instance.

Create a new bench for that purpose, even better, on another computer.
Later when your app is running well, you can install it on your prod server.

Additional to @Paul_Frydlewicz sound advice, you can upload your app to GitHub. From there it’s easy to download to any server anywhere. This also ensures you have a master version safe in a repository.

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Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: have a nice week

Thank you bro for your advice