How to set buy 1 get 1 free offer for item

Hi all, i want to set offer to item say ‘ABC’, when i make sales order for qty 5 then that should add 5 more qty as free.
How to achieve this.

Hi Srinath

Check with below link

search below Heading

4.2 Product Discount

You can able to achieve it.


Hi @benjaminrosary, thanks for response
I gone through the link, but it is not working as expected.
My scenario is for every 1 one item it should take 1 item as free, but when i take 5 as qty it is taking one 1 as free instead it should take 5 and also price is not taken as zero instead it is taking from price list of that item.

Hi Srinath

In Promotional Scheme You can able to set Qty. Please try it in PRODUCT DISCOUNT SLABS

Hope it helps you.

Thanks, will try