How to set deduction for employee

Hello community . Imaging you want to deduct and amount of money from and employee’s salary . the only method I found is to do it with salary slip after adding the deduction to the table .
The way I want to do it is this : open some kind of list or something , and set a deduction to employee with its info . this can be made at any day of the month . but after using the payroll entry (for all employees) . the program check for deductions I made and do the math needed for each salary slip . so it’s like I want to give a note to the payroll entry that this employee will get some deduction the next salary slip .
Is there a way to do it ? thank you.

is there a way?
like additional salary, we want to add schedule deduction

@santhida actually it is indeed additional salary . you can chose a deduction type component in the additional salary and it’s gonna act as a deduction . weird .

actually, I want to link GL Account with balance sheet item
there was some bug