How to set default in a report Dynamically


I have a report and i want to select default value of that report dynamically

for example

i have added 2 fields in user on field is named tenant

when i select above script report i need to show the logged in users tenant.

what have tried so far is this

let name of my report so in my_report.js file

i add this

frappe.query_reports["My Report"] = {
	"filters": [
			"fieldname": "tenant",
			"label": __("tenant"),
			"fieldtype": "Link",
			"width": "80",
			"options": "Tenant",
				var cur_log = frappe.query_report_filters_by_name.tenant;
				cur_log.df.default = "TE000012";
				return cur_log


but i haven’t got it in the tenant field of my_report.js