How to set default/target Warehouse for each BOM?


I have developed a set of BOMs. I have a need where every BOMs when completed should move the item to a target warehouse.

But what is happening is that at time of creating a Production Plan when I add a BOM to Select Items to Manufacture and set the For Warehouse all sub assemblies that are fetched when I click on the button Get Sub Assembly Items will automatically have the Target Warehouse set to the warehouse I selected in For Warehouse.

Instead of this I want to set target warehouse for each BOM. So when I create a Production Plan I want the Target Warehouse of each sub assembly included in it to have its own Warehouse preset.

How to do this?


You may have to use custom script for this.

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I will try to see if this helps me.

Are there any working sample custom script that I can try out to understand this feature better?