How to set default value in quick entry?

Hi there,

i need to set a default value when loading in Item Quick Entry.

It seems can be set using:

frappe.ui.form.on('ItemQuickEntryForm', {

I’ve tried using onload, setup, refresh …but it seems not working.

Any hint?


DId you mean something like this? item

@shreya115 Yes, kind of that …how can be possible to set?

Let’s say i’d like to set an Item Group by default dynamically, not stored in item field definition Default

I just added it in the Default block while editing the doctype.

Does it help?

Nope, because i need to load value depending on settings

Oh all right, will check and let you know if I figure that out.

@shreya115 I got the solution. It is needed to save in defaults value in order to be loaded in quick entry

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Great! :+1:

@JoEz what do you mean by this? I have same requirement to autofill item code value on quick entry while creating new batch…

You need to add in stock settings and set a default value …have a look at item group in item

@shreya115 @JoEz

I have a requirement where i need to set default value through code i.e. Not using doctype default property.
[1]On click of create new customer
[2] I need to set default value depending on other values of base form.
i.e. cur_dialog.fields_dict.customer_type.df.default = ‘Owner’ or ‘something else’

Question is which event is triggered for “+ Create new …” option of dropdown

Solution to set default value of particular field in quick entry dialog

	refresh: function (frm) {
		var so = frm.get_docfield("client");
		so.get_route_options_for_new_doc = function (field) {
			return {
				"customer_type": "Client",

thanks! to @vijaywm