How to set email template default to Request for Quotation


I have created one email template for Request for Quotation can i set that default?

also i have created print formats for sales invoice, packing sleep , Quotation can i make default ??


The docs say it is possible. Try Customize Form , Request for Quotation , scroll down to Email Settings and enter the default template name, then Update.

Hello @smino ,

How we can do same for quotation ?

In Customize Form, Details tab , Enter Form Type, change the entry to Quotation , then as above.

I wanted there functionality as there after submitting the document (Quotation). Email should send to that customer with that quotation attachment.

How we can do it ?

Open the submitted Quotation from Quotation List, click on menu (…, upper right) Email. Choose options and send.

I want to automate it so that can i do ??

To will be the customer email …subject will be quotation and message will be default set like email template and then attach that Print document and email will send after submitting the quotation can i do this ??

Please guide me to achieve it…

Hi @pm23,

I think, you should check the notification documentation.

Also, check this video.

Your problem will solved from Notification Doctype.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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Hello @NCP ,

This worked for me as expected.

Thank You!!