How to set field values of a web form with form script

here is the code which takes params from url and sets the fields of web form
but i am getting error with frm.set_value()
so how can i set field values of a web form with form script?

frappe.web_form.validate = (frm)=>{
    console.log('in validate')
    // Get the parameters from the URL
        let url = window.location.href;
        let urlParams = getUrlParams(url);
        //var urlParams = frappe.utils.get_url_params();
        // Set field values based on URL parameters
        if (urlParams.asset_id) {
            frm.set_value('asset_name', urlParams.asset_id);
        if ( {
        if (urlParams.branch) {
            frm.set_value('branch', urlParams.branch);
        if (urlParams.floor) {
            frm.set_value('floor', urlParams.floor);
        if (urlParams.department) {
            frm.set_value('department', urlParams.department);
        console.log('after if st:');
        // Refresh the form to reflect the changes