How To set fixed asset item as rental item

Hello Everyone,

I have face a problem using fixed asset use in rental process.

For Example:

  • I have created one fixed asset “Truck”. and after that i use as rental services. so, I Put Truck code in sales invoice and on submit, that time throw a error " You must select an Asset for Item Truck". And, after that i select a asset in asset field. so, sales invoice is submitted without and error, but after that Change the status “Submitted” to “Sold” in Asset Doctype. and that’s reason next time, i can not use “Truck” item in any type of sales transaction.

So, any solution. Please tell me.

Hi @Sahil_Patel,

Only have an option like first create the service item like Truck Rent.
After then use it in invoice transactions.

An asset id link for, create a custom field like asset rent item then added in sales invoice item.

Hope you help it.

Thank You!

You mean like this, 1st Create a “Truck” Service item and 2nd Create a “Truck” Fixed asset item. and after that you say that is working. But, I need only create one Item “Truck” and is consider as both service item and fixed asset item.

So, This is Possible…?


first, there is not any option to rent a set as an Item (Asset Item).

So i am saying that for the reporting

  1. Truck item as an asset is perfect.
  2. I want to say the second Truck item create as a service item, not an asset item (Truck Rent).
  3. create a custom field name like Rent Item asset in sales invoice item.
  4. When creating a sales invoice then first select item (Truck Rent: Service Item) and Asset ID (Truck Asset id or name) set in Rent Item asset (custom field).

If you are convenient with the process then check it.

Thank You!

Yes, I understand your reply. But my need is only create one Item and is set as both service item and asset item. So that type of way possible in erpnext…?

Because, I have 500+ asset use in erpnext. So, extra 500+ service item creation, is not good.

So, that’s Reason I telling you, can possible asset and service item in only one item creation…?

I have a setup where once a client makes an initial payment for an asset rental is being done, i would like an option to choose on creating the invoice to also create a subscription which is selected from the list of available subscriptions the commencement date being the current date.

This is so because we have a large number of assets that need this subscriptions created and chances of forgetting one is big.