How to set icon to a custom workspace in frappe framework

Hello! I’m Veera Raagavan, 12th grade student. I’m new to frappe and am trying to develop a new app. I’m using frappe version: Frappe Framework: v13.3.0 (version-13)

I’ve created a new workspace and am trying to assign an icon to the workspace. I have typed “tool” as was given in Build workspace. But that doesn’t work either. I want to upload my own icon for my workspace. Please help me do this.
Attached image shows the screenshot. I couldn’t find solutions in the forum as well. Thanks in advance.

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Same question. Trying:



neither work

Did you manage in the end because I am having the same problem?

I have same issue!


After searching on icons name I found the solution:
The current icons come from this file

So you need to overwrite this file by copy the same path to your new app
and then you can add your own SVG same as the current SVG icons and tag them by id

this is my icon name
like following:

and I add this code inside SVG tag

<symbol fill="none" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 30 30" id="icon-testingi">
	<g stroke="#000" stroke-miterlimit="10">
		  <path d="M 4 5 C 2.895 5 2 5.895 2 7 L 2 23 C 2 24.105 2.895 25 4 25 L 12 25 C 13.105 25 14 25.895 14 27 L 14 7 C 14 5.895 13.105 5 12 5 L 4 5 z M 18 5 C 16.895 5 16 5.895 16 7 L 16 27 C 16 25.895 16.895 25 18 25 L 26 25 C 27.105 25 28 24.105 28 23 L 28 7 C 28 5.895 27.105 5 26 5 L 18 5 z"/>

the id should be icon- plus the icon name you need

and this is the result


Is there a way to do this without breaking updates or forking frappe?

None that I’ve found. The svg is referenced by a few HTML files (base.html, app.html).
I’ve edited mine via a fork.

(btw, I liked your solution and explanation @OmarJaber. :100:)

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How to set it on v14? There is no symbol-defs.svg file. There is icons.svg, but when I update it with new icons they are not shown in icon picker.