How To set IMAP and SMTP settings on ERPNext 13.2.1

Why is there not a specific Configuration page to support the installation and maintenance of a corporate mail server? Am I missing something? This is our scenario,

We have a private email and corporate domain, call it “” but our ISP gives us use of a generic imap and smtp server, and we have domain dns mx, a, and spf and dmarc records that authorize that server for our email, and at the client side there are credentials to support client access to the imap server and outbound smtp server. Where is the configuration code in ERPNext to allow this to be structured and configured.

I can understand if it needs to be recoded or expanded upon the accomodate this, but I can find no documentation of the email handling practices inside of ERPNext.

Is it possible to connect with the devs that have written whats here?

Are you asking about how to set up an Email Domain?

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I am still getting used to the fact that almost all of the documentation particulalry that which relates to configuration is/was structured and exampled on old releases. We kicked the tires on V12, and are working on the current V13 Master for a test deployment. When we are finished with it we will return our recommendations for a deployment set with secured corporate email servers.