How to Set Multiple sender email for notifications


I have created multiple notifications on my system and this is set with one sender email only. I have created multiple outgoing emails. How can I allow that at the notification level?

Please suggest.


Currently, I am trying to figure this out. Once I get a clear idea, I will share my findings here.

Any update brother @Botanium .

waiting for your valuable feedback.

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Currently, I am trying to set up office365 email domain and it is not working. Let me figure this email configuration out first, then I will share my findings.

Office365 emails don’t work on ERPNext for now due to authentication changes by Microsoft.

Actually O365 basic authentication is still working until January.

You can revert to classic authentication (IMAP Basic Auth):

Exchange Admin Center , Help, Type in “Basic Auth”: Run diagnosis

Then: Enable IMAP

(Is working for us)

Anyway, there is a related PR on Github, with some work in progress.