How to set offers for particular customer

Hi all, how to set up offers for particular customer on his purchase.
Eg: If customer orders 2 ear phones, he will get 25% off on mrp. We can achieve this in erpnext?

Thank You

Hi @D_N_Srinath,

I think what you are looking for is the Pricing Rule. You can define pricing rule in different ways, in your case, set customer, product and then min_quantity.

Hope this helps.

Thank you @lasalesi for reply, what if offers changes seasonally, sorry if asking the wrong content, i’m new to erpnext.

Created pricing rule for item by entering customer, but it is not reflecting while sales order created to that customer. Please help on this. Thank you.

You can also define a timeframe, where the pricing rule applies.

Make sure that the option “ignore pricing rule” is not enabled in your sales order. Check that all conditions are correct and met. Otherwise, please provide more details so that the community can support (definition of the pricing rule and the sales order; annonymised)…