How to Set Payroll by default 30 days?

As per the law which our company follows, payroll should be calculated based on 30 days. How to set that

Hi, You can set it up in the company, or at a lower level for each client.

Can you please share the screenshot

I am using version 11

Go to Customize Form, select Payroll Entry as form type. Expand the Payroll Frequency row.

Enter “Monthly” in the default field box.

Click on Update.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.

We have the option to choose monthly but March is having 31 days so it will calculate 31 days

Also we are having issue in Feb since its only 29 or 28 days but our payroll calculation based on 30 days

How it can be solved

But he is looking for 30 days for all other mothes, ex: February is having 28 but it must be 30 for him, also March is 31, he needs 30.

I need that too

The no. of payment days is calculated using the start and the end date. You will have to adjust the same to make it 30 each month.

  1. I added one field to Salary Slip DocType (Customize Form)
    Consider Month 30 Days | Check | consider_month_30_days

  2. In Salary Component:
    a Un-check “Depends on Payment Days”
    b Add the following formula:
    base * (30 - leave_without_pay - absent_days) / 30 if consider_month_30_days == 1 else
    base * payment_days / total_working_days

  3. Added Salary Structure, and assign structure to employee

  4. Salary Slip
    a. Check box: Consider Month 30 Days
    b. Enter the unpaid leave days
    The salary will be computed based on 30-day month
    c. Uncheck box: Consider Month 30 Days
    d. Enter the unpaid leave days
    The salary will be computed based on the calendar month (as the default system)

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