How to set Permission Level on child table field?

Hi, I want to hide some field on child table based on user role. When I go to Role Permission Manager, it seem it doesn’t show a child table doctype. I already set Permission Level on the field, but how I set the permission? only specific role that can view the field.


I think you can do it via the ‘Master’ doctype,
if you want to control the ‘Material Request Item,’ field, you can set it via ‘Material Request’
From the Role Permission Manager give Stock Manger , level permission = 1 , access = ‘Read’
Then set from Customize Form: doctype=Material Request Item and set the field you want to control by giving it level permission = 1. By doing this then only Stock Manager can see thus Material Request Item Field.


This thing works halfway, because in this way you can give permissions to the field but not to individual data in the Child table.
Let me explain better, if I want a child table to be modifiable only for some roles in the Role Permission Manager I set the level to 1 and remove the check mark for writing. The child table is visible only to some users, but who can see it can also modify it, which I don’t want, because that field in the child doctype is writable.


Exactly my problem as well. It will be nice if there is some direct solution. Or I would have to customize my server side code to show error when such and such a user edits the field I want to be read-only. Please help. Thanks!

Inside Customize in any Doc there is Customize child table on top right corner.

Thanks @Araskho. Quite simple soln. Didn’t strike my mind before.

your welcome man.
glad i could help

Important is you set the permission for the table field in the main doctype and the field inside of the table itself. How to get there was explained in an earlier post.

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